Here at VerticalResponse headquarters, we’re pretty excited about all the insights Advanced Reporting offers users. To showcase the unique edge Advanced Reporting brings to your email marketing, we’re examining each feature individually to highlight its advantages.

First up are Advanced Reporting’s device and browser breakdowns. It’s easy to see how this knowledge allows you to create even better emails.

Device statistics

We’ve talked for a long time about how important it is to send out emails that are mobile-friendly. Now you can see the proof on every email you send.

Click on “Device” in the Advanced Reporting navigation bar to see how your readers opened your emails. Were they on desktop or laptop computers, or were they using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets? Knowing how your customers read your messages helps you create emails that perform best.

As you see in our example below, our email campaign had 288 total opens. Of those, nearly 52 percent used a mobile device, and only 41 percent used a desktop computer.

When you look at your emails’ device statistics, what will you see? If the majority of your readers use phones and tablets to read your email, you’ll want to be certain your emails look and perform best on those devices.

Browser statistics

Computers and smartphones are only half the story, however. What looks beautiful on an iPhone’s Gmail may not look as amazing on an Android’s Yahoo or a MacBook’s Safari. Every operating system, browser, and email client works differently — and displays messages differently.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I sure hope this looks good,” when you’ve hit Send on your email campaigns, Advanced Reporting clears up some of that mystery.

By showing how your readers open your messages, Advanced Reporting lets you test and optimize your emails so they look their best where a majority of your subscribers open them.

In our example below, Safari (on the mobile side) and Firefox (on the desktop side) are the clear favorites.

What does this mean for your emails? Similar to knowing which devices your readers use, information about their preferred browsers helps you test your emails to make sure they look and perform the way you intended them to. And when they look and perform their best, that means more opens and more clicks.

Focus your time and efforts on designing an email that looks best, performs the best, and makes the maximum impact. Upgrade to a Pro plan to start using Advanced Reporting right away.

Build, send and track emails that look great on any device

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