There are always rumors swirling around the much talked about Apple Watch, the iWatch. A quick Google search turns up heaps of articles speculating what Apple might have in the works. Here’s what we’ve uncovered so far…


According to Joanna Stern at ABC News, ” The watch will run a version of Apple’s iOS, the software that runs on its iPhone and iPad.  Like other smartwatches (i.e. the Pebble), the watch is said to allow users to see who is calling and view notifications. And like other fitness devices (i.e. the FitBit or Jawbone Up) it will have a pedometer and other sensors, allowing it to count steps and additional health data.”

And even though a lot of people have ditched wearing watches these days, Stern also cites that, “Pebble, the smartwatch that works with the iPhone and Android, beat all the odds on Kickstarter, receiving more than 85,000 orders for the watch and more than $10 million from people who wanted to back the company. Many companies have also joined the fitness tracker market, including Nike, Motorola and Jawbone. Google has also been teasing its display-equipped glasses.”

Pretty cool sounding stuff but who knows what it will be, right? Would you be interested in a watch from Apple? Sound off in the comments.

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