These are exciting times at VerticalResponse! We’re so proud that we’ve just marked our 13th birthday. We never could have done it without our loyal customers like you, so thank you!

Even better, we’re celebrating with a brand-new product! Why? Marketing has changed a lot in our 13 years. When we started, there was no Facebook, Twitter or iPhone. If you wanted to communicate with your customers, you called, wrote a letter, or sent an email, which was most likely read on a desktop computer. Marketing has gone mobile and social, and we need to make sure we’re keeping up by giving you the tools you need to promote your business in the world we’re living in today.

We’ve released a basic version of a new VerticalResponse that focuses on some core themes:

  • Faster and more intuitive email creation. With the new drag and drop editor, you just pick a template and drag in blocks for your text and images. It really is that easy! Plus, our handy preview feature shows you what it will look like on a mobile phone or tablet.


  • Customers read your emails on mobile phones and tablets. Approximately 65% of all emails are now read on smartphones and tablets. If yours doesn’t look good on a small screen, it gets deleted. Harsh but true. In the new VerticalResponse, every single email template is responsive, which is just a techy way to say that it automatically adjusts to display well on any size screen. You don’t even need to think about it- just pick a template you like, and we do the rest!


  • Your customers are on social media- you should be too. People spend nearly seven hours per week on Facebook alone, and three-quarters log in every day. The new VR will help you spread your message by sharing your email on your Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also make quick posts directly to Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch between emails.


This is just the beginning for the new VerticalResponse. We’ll continue to add features and functionality to make sure you can take advantage of all the modern ways to market your business.

Don’t worry, the VerticalResponse you know and love isn’t going anywhere, and you should continue to use your current account. We’ll invite you to transfer your account over when the new VR has all the features you’re using in VerticalResponse Classic (that’s the fancy new name for the VR you’ve been using). Until then, keep enjoying your current account- there is nothing new you need to do.

Thanks again for 13 great years. Here’s to making the next 13 even better!

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