With the rise of social media and Google’s search algorithm favoring new and unique content, there’s been a lot of buzz these days around producing content. Blogging, informational videos, infographics, guides, and the like are more popular now than ever. All this great content provides businesses with a unique opportunity to gain new customers.

If your business isn’t currently producing content for your prospects and customers, you should definitely start now. Writing and producing content that speaks to your target audience is a fantastic way to get your name out there and build trust with potential customers. Even if you start small, it’s worth the time investment. In this post, we discuss ways you can get even more out of the content you’re already producing by using it in conjunction with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.

Bidding on Relevant Keywords Around Your Content                                    

Oftentimes, customers choose companies, products, and/or services based on brand recognition and trust. Steering these customers to your content through paid search efforts is a terrific way to beat your competitors and start building the relationship before they buy. It’s a good idea to bid on relevant keywords around what your blog offers. For example, if your business sells garden tools and you have a blog that features daily gardening tips, you’ll want to bid on the keyword phrases like  “gardening tips,” “gardening guides,” “gardening resources,” “gardening blog,” etc. By bidding on these keywords and bringing in traffic to your content, you can reach potential customers higher up in the sales funnel. If you feel your content is especially helpful, it can go a long way to establish brand trust and thought leadership. One thing you have to remember is that these customers may not be ready to buy yet and therefore may take longer convert. Through additional messaging, you can nurture these customers until they’re ready to purchase.

Placing PPC Ads on Your  YouTube Videos

Perhaps your business produces video blog posts (vlogs), webinars, video tips, or other video content such as product demos and loads them onto a business YouTube page (another good idea).  You can actually place PPC ads right over your videos. If viewers like what they see, they can immediately click on your ad and go directly to your website versus having to visit your website on their own. This is more beneficial because you can tailor the experience and the messaging to those viewers, which should increase your closing rate.

Remarketing to Your Content Visitors

PPC Remarketing is another fantastic method that gives you additional opportunities to convert your content visitors. By placing a remarketing pixel on the webpages that contain your content and/or resources, you can show remarketing ads to someone after he/she has left your page and is browsing the web. Again, this is helpful because you can tailor a relevant message based on what previous pages or content they visited on your site. You can offer additional information or promotional offers in order to entice them to come back, sign up, or make a purchase.

Creating content is an easy way to get customers to your website and establish brand trust and thought leadership. Brand trust and reputation is a key step in the decision process for most buyers. By pairing relevant content with PPC, you can increase the effectiveness and the overall impact of that content.

How do you use content for your PPC campaigns? Let us know in the comments below.

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