When Google released two major algorithm updates coined Penguin and Panda SEO as we know it changed in a big way. As page rankings changed overnight it left many of us wondering – what can be done to stay on top with search rankings?

Was your site affected by the Penguin and Panda updates? If you answered yes, read on for a few fast tips on how you can create SEO goodness for your site.

1. Target a wider range of keywords. We used to focus on a specific set of keywords and optimize the heck out of them. Now having keywords that are over-optimized can bite you in the butt and cause your rankings to plummet. We must focus on a wider range of keywords that are likely to convert. There are many keyword research tools out there to aid in your efforts including the Google Keyword Tool. Check out this helpful post by our friends at Copywriter to learn more about the importance of keyword research for SEO.

2. Create Killer Content. 2013 will be the Year of Content and we began to see an increased focus on it in 2012. We must create compelling content that people want to read, share and consume. Put time into the strategy behind your content before you begin producing anything. What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your audience? What keywords should you include in your content? What conversations are happening on social about your topic?

We started using Scribe recently and are loving it for research before we write our blog posts. We can enter a keyword and see how popular, as well as how competitive it is. We can also see things like what conversations may already be happening around the subject on social media. We find this helpful to position our content in a fresh way, as well as ensure we are going after relevant keywords.

Think about the different types of content you can create. Go beyond the expected blog posts and whitepapers or guides. Create a great webinar. Got some great stats? Share them in an infographic. Think how you can create one piece of content and chunk out unique portions of it via different channels from your blog to social media. Target quality vs. quantity.

There you have two easy ways you can start create some quick SEO goodness. We found this killer, easy-to-understand infographic from Fuzz One that we thought illustrated these points (and many more) well.

SEO Infographic
Courtesy of: Fuzz One Media

What changes will you make to generate SEO-goodness for your site?

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