Sometimes we sift through our email inbox and think, “Wow! There are heaps of email coupons and offers, but do they really work?” Lucky for us we know the answer, but in case you’re wondering if coupons are all hype or the real deal, here are 3 ways that coupons can give your biz a boost:

1. Sense of urgency – The thing that’s great about coupons is that they expire. Yep! That one little date will give your readers a reason to take action before it’s too late. Plus, they’re great content for your emails or social media, and the call-to-action is built right in. Score!

2.  Perceived value – While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a good deal is visible to everyone. Who said that? We did! The point is, if the person reading your email believes you’re saving them money, they’ll likely appreciate the effort and want to do business with you. A coupon is tangible, something they can see, and can work as a reminder to visit your business, especially if they need to print it out or save it on their phone.  And, even if they don’t use it right away, they’ll likely remember the awesome deal you gave them and think of your business the next time they need what you’ve got.

3. Loyalty program – An email coupon doesn’t have to break the bank. No need to give it to everyone under the sun, just send it to your most loyal customers. Break up your email list based on opens, purchases or length of time on your list. Then send your coupon to your most devoted customers and fans. You can always extend the offer to more people if you need to.

Voila! Email coupons are the real deal. Your customers get a great offer and you get more biz. Plus email coupons are a cinch to create. You can simply add a line of text and an image in your email that includes your offer, or if you’re sporting some technical mojo, you can create something fancy with Photoshop or using a coupon template.  However you do it, your customers will love your biz for it!

Are you using coupons for your business? Let us know how it’s going!

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