Who thinks about their from label in their email marketing campaigns? And why should ya when you’re very busy with your subject line and what’s inside the email. From label, shmum label.

But here’s a sad story.

There was an email sender, we’ll call them Pinpoint Look (name changed to protect the identity of the sender) and they sent out some pretty sweet email marketing with content about SEO, online tools to make your marketing better,  and search engine marketing. They sent their email weekly with content worth opening.

When you saw the email enter your inbox you said “Hey! That’s from Pinpoint Look. I’m going to open that!”

But then they got greedy. They wanted to send more email. So, they started to replace Pinpoint Look with a person’s name. A name you’d never seen before.

email marketing from label

So what did you do? You said to yourself, “Who the freak is John Hughes and why does he keep emailing me?”

So you open the email and see that it’s really from Pinpoint Look. You feel duped, tricked and you get mad. You unsubscribe.

Sad story but a true one. Avoid unsubscribes by making sure your from label displays who you had your opt-in handshake with (i.e., who your subscribers expect to hear from) and produce great content for your email marketing.

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