Most of you are probably checking your email inbox more than Twitter, no surprise. And we’re sure that as a result, Twitter decided to let you know via email marketing that there are some people you should be following. Doesn’t hurt Twitter to get you following more people either but we all gotta make a livin’ 😉

What is it? “People You May Know,” it’s easy!

  • A weekly email to your inbox
  • A roundup of a bunch of people you might want to follow
  • They base it on who your friends are following and their contact info

We at Skadeedle tend to look at people who a) have a lot of followers and 2) are relevant to what we do.

We’d suggest getting it for a few months and seeing if you really interact with it but we’re fans of getting notified by email so we’re biased. Tell us, is it worth it?

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