VerticalResponse is always working to improve the user experience, and we’re excited to announce a series of updates to our email marketing tools that make it faster and easier than ever to connect with your audience, build compelling campaigns and track results. Here’s a rundown of our newest features.

1. Pay as you go

Some of our users take advantage of monthly subscriptions to send unlimited emails. Others purchase credits because they send emails less frequently. If you’re in the latter camp, this update is for you. Now, you can choose the exact number of credits you need instead of paying for a predefined block.

For example, you no longer need to pay for a block of 2,500 credits if you only need 2,347 credits. Simply enter the exact number you need and checkout. Our new pay as you go feature makes it easy to control email marketing costs and maximize your return on investment.

2. Add custom fields to campaign download reports

Now you can customize campaign download reports with custom fields. Choose exactly what you want to include in your report, including any custom fields you create for your contact list. Examples include birthdays, customer IDs, question responses and any other data you want to collect.

To access this feature, click on the message name and then “download report.” Then, choose the custom fields to include from the dropdown located near the bottom of the Download Report page.

3. Google Analytics link tracking

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, now you can use it to track email campaign performance. See which email links your subscribers click, and track their journey through your website. It’s a great way to bring your analytics all under the same roof.

To add Google Analytics tracking to your emails, check the box at the bottom of the page where you designate which contacts will receive your email.

4. Customize sign-up form confirmation emails

Add a personalized touch to your sign-up form opt-in confirmation emails. Now you can create a custom confirmation message for each sign-up form. You can also customize the from name, address, subject line and confirmation button text — plus direct subscribers to a custom landing page URL after they click the confirm button.

Custom confirmation emails can be tailored to your audience to help increase opt-in conversions, and custom landing pages can encourage new subscribers to act. Use them to introduce subscribers to your products, services, a special offer or anything else you’d like.

These new customization options are available in Step 3 of the sign-up form creator.

5. Search contacts by date added

Want to make a list of contacts added before or after a given date, or during a defined date range? Now you can with our new “date added” search filter. This is a useful tool if you want to create a new campaign that targets subscribers based on when they were added to your list. You can even use this feature to filter other contact search results, allowing you to fine-tune your mailing lists for advanced targeting.

6. Clearly named email report tabs

We’ve renamed our email report tabs for clearer, easier-to-understand metrics. The new tabs reflect common industry nomenclature such as “Sent,” “Opens” and “Clicks” for simpler reporting on the metrics that matter.

7. New VerticalResponse mobile functionality

Now you can check your email campaign stats on the go with our new mobile functionality. It offers real-time campaign statistics on your smartphone, lets you verify that scheduled emails were sent and allows you to view past and upcoming emails.

Mobile functionality makes it easy to stay on top of your email campaign performance from anywhere. It’s a value-added service that works on any mobile device with a web browser.

(Currently, mobile functionality is not available to VerticalResponse Classic or Deluxe Marketing Suite users.)

8. Intuitive drag-and-drop email content blocks

Our email builder updates make it easier than ever to craft compelling email layouts. Previously, clicking on content blocks would move them to the bottom, then you would need to move them up to the position you wanted. Now, you can drag content blocks directly into the builder and place them wherever you want.

The update turns a two-step process into an intuitive one-step process, making our email builder more user-friendly than ever.

VerticalResponse is dedicated to consistently improving the user experience so you can craft compelling email campaigns that get opened, get clicked and help you earn more sales. Stay tuned for future updates!

© 2019, Brian Morris. All rights reserved.

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