Speculation was running rampant about what Zuck & Co. would announce at the Facebook campus today, and search was the winner.

But this isn’t your grandparent’s search (Google’s either). Facebook Graph Search is a feature that Facebook users have been clamoring for since the dawn of man…or at least 2009. So what’s it all about? If you want Facebook’s take, you can review their fancy description page here. But we want to give you our two cents.

Facebook Graph Search on the surface seems like a brilliant idea. It allows you to find the new band your friends are listening to, discover the best sushi restaurant in San Francisco, view photos of people from a specific location, etc. All this can be done through Graph Search to discover what your Facebook network is saying or doing in regards to what you’re searching for. But the search is more dynamic than that. As stated on the Facebook Graph Search announcement page.

But isn’t relying on purely my Facebook network limiting? What if my friends don’t check into restaurants via Foursquare? What if they’ve disabled the sharing function from their Spotify account? What if they really don’t share anything that I would search? This could really impact your search results, and in turn, provide you with a less than stellar experience.

Will this get better over time? Of course! Will it replace Google as our “go to” search source? Not for a long time. But at least the search box on our Facebook account will do something now.

What do you think about Facebook Graph Search?

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