Facebook is making changes once again. But unlike other changes they’ve made recently, this one will be much more welcome by Facebook’s 1.3 billion monthly active customers. Facebook introduced an improvement to their search functionality that will now allow customers to search their past posts. So if you’re trying to find that new restaurant your friend told you about, or that link to the “best chocolate chip cookies” ever that your mom posted, you can do it quickly and easily using this new search functionality.

And it doesn’t end there; some news outlets such as Time are stating that “Facebook’s new search feature is a thinly-veiled shot at Google.” While Facebook’s search has been limited up to this point, this one improvement is unlikely to supplant Google’s stranglehold on search. Privacy settings may inhibit a robust social search experience for Facebook. Because users can’t search the entire platform like Twitter, or the entire Internet like Google, it’s hard to imagine any real volume of search migrating to Facebook in the short term.

Facebook’s new search functionality is currently only available for US English on iPhone and desktop.

For a quick explanation of Facebook’s new search functionality, check out our latest episode of Tips in 2 below.

To get more specific information about how the new search works with your Facebook privacy settings, check out Facebook’s search page for details.

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