We were on Facebook the other day and noticed some posts in our News Feed that weren’t from one of our fab friends; they were, as it turns out, Facebook Promoted Posts. So, you may be asking yourself, what are Promoted Posts, and why should I care? Ahh, great questions! Here’s some info to help you understand what Promoted Posts are and why you may want to try ’em out for your biz.

Promoted Posts are Facebook posts, just like the ones you do currently (you are doing them right?) but with added reach because it “promotes” the post higher in News Feeds so more of the people you shared it with are likely to notice it. They’re a bit like Facebook ads, but with more targeting.


Image courtesy of Facebook

To create a Promoted Post just set-up a post on your Page, as you normally would, then in the bottom of the window select Promote.


Image courtesy of Facebook

The window that opens allows you to set your budget and tells you about how many people will see the post based on the price you set.

For the price of a pint (or a latte for you teetotalers) you can get your post in front of the people who not only want to see it, but may take some kind of action with it. Currently, only Pages with at least 100 likes can promote posts.

Now that you know what they are and how to set them up, how can your biz benefit from Promoted Posts? The cool thing is you get to select who sees them when you set up the post. You have the option to show it to people who like your page, or people who like your page, plus their friends. If you have special event coming up, a sale, or a new product, you can get it in front of your fans. Some of your fans may miss a post if they log in long after you’ve posted, but Promoted Posts will push it up in their News Feeds to help it have a better chance of being seen. You can target based on things like location, language, even gender! And, you get stats. We’re number geeks and love getting all the dets. It’s helpful to know which posts get the most bang for your bucks.

Facebook has a great page to help you understand how Promoted Posts work and how to get started.

Are you going to give Facebook Promoted Posts a go? Next week we’ll share how they could give your biz a boost.

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