Earlier this week, we blogged about Facebook Promoted Posts – What they are, and why you may want to use them. Today, we ask the hard hitting question: Are they worth it? The answer is, and don’t laugh, it depends. We’ll explain.

Any paid advertising you do for your business can be effective to some extent. You could spend heaps of money on Facebook Promoted Posts yet, not gain much engagement in the form of likes, or interest in your business. So, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind to help your Facebook Promoted Posts hit the mark:

1. Share Something Special – Since a Facebook Promoted Post is something you’re paying for someone to see, make sure it’s worth seeing. Don’t promote a post that doesn’t have great content or value for your followers; or for your business. As luck would have it, while browsing on Facebook, we found a great example of a promoted post by Punk Domestics.

Punk Domestics, a site for fans who like to make awesome food, promoted a post about changes in their email newsletter. We’re big fans of email marketing, so this post definitely caught our eye. Here’s what they did right: First, they posted the info on their Facebook Page, allowing their followers to see it. Then, the next day they promoted it. Guess what? It worked! We’re now on the mailing list, having missed the sign-up form before.

2. Start Small –  Like many things in marketing, you want to test how well your Promoted Posts work with your audience. The first few times you use Promoted Posts, start small, say $5, and see where that takes you. You can always stop the campaign and start it again later if you like. But most likely, you’ll be able to get in front of more people and get better engagement for your posts. We did our own test and had some interesting results.

Have you tried Facebook Promoted Posts and do you think they’re worth the price?

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