In an effort to make Facebook ads more engaging and appealing, the company announced early last week they’ve rolled out a larger ad format. Ad specs are consistent across ad placements, making it easier for advertisers, who previously had to upload different image sizes for different placement types.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Facebook’s Ad Product Guide outlines the most significant changes including:

  1. Larger images: Image sizes were increased in many ad units to give advertisers more room to display their brand or products. Facebook recommends that you use images that are at least 1,200 pixels wide so the image shows appropriately on all ad placements.
  2. Can use same ad images: You can use the same ads image for desktop and mobile News Feed.
  3. More consistent ad elements and formats: This includes: standardization of text truncation rules, clear recommendations for the best image sizes and character counts, and more precise details about when and how much additional content is pulled into an ad

To learn more, check out the updated Ads Product Guide, which has all of the new details on the Facebook ad formats. You can also Like Facebook’s Marketing page to keep up-to-date on changes.

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