Facebook is stepping up its advertising game! Turns out, the social media giant is planning to implement full-screen ads that’ll require users to watch a 15-second video commercial while signed into the service. Steamfeed.com’s Brian S. Hall recently wrote a compelling analysis about the coming changes, first reported on AdAge.com. Hall writes, “Facebook is reportedly working on full-screen autoplay video ads it will supposedly roll out no later than this summer. Facebook is expected to charge nearly $1 million for these new ads, which are designed to leverage Facebook’s massive scale — but not the company’s vaunted ‘social graph.’”

This is obviously a significant change for Zuck & co. as it’s a tell-tale sign of Facebook looking to leverage its overall size for revenue dollars. This is a major departure from Facebook’s past practices of micro-targeting consumers based on location, interest and behavior. In fact, Hall’s article reports that Facebook is only considering four different demographic packages for its four daily “slots” of video ads:

  • Women over 30

  • Women under 30

  • Men over 30

  • Men under 30

Hall explains how this new revenue source could mean major changes to advertising’s biggest guns, “If successful, the new ad platform could bring in nearly $1.5 billion in additional revenue to Facebook — and might also kick off a war with the television industry for major ad dollars.” Adoption of such large-scale advertising options could certainly have a major impact across the industry.

What goes unexplored in the article, however, is the impact that such advertising techniques could have on smaller businesses who typically rely on the careful targeting of Facebook’s Pay Per Click campaigns, search advertising or email marketing.

It’s still unclear when this expected change is scheduled to roll out, but the article says it’ll start with Facebook’s desktop users and eventually transfer to mobile and tablet technologies as well. As the online advertising landscape becomes more crowded, smart business owners and organizations should prepare themselves by developing strong organic social connections that don’t rely on escalating advertising costs.

If Facebook begins showing full-screen ads several times a day, how will it affect your use of the social media site, and how will it affect your social media marketing strategy?

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