How can having a mobile marketing strategy change your business?

In today’s crowded marketplace, small factors can have a massive impact on your bottom line. Take your mobile phone for example. Over two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone – and that number keeps on growing. So it comes as no surprise that, arguably, one of the most significant factors to success is having a strong mobile presence for your business. Having a well-designed website is a great start, and having one that is mobile-friendly is even more important. You can even bolster your availability by adding a mobile app to the mix. By being discoverable on the mobile web and in mobile apps, you ensure that repeat customers and new diners alike can easily find your restaurant whether they’re at their computer or on the go.

Aren’t all websites “mobile?”

Not all websites are created equal. Many websites, especially those designed before this decade, were not coded to have responsive, or mobile-friendly HTML. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, 92 percent of consumers search for a restaurant on a mobile web browser, and 62 percent of consumers are less likely to select a restaurant if they can’t view the menu easily on their mobile device. Not only that, but 84 percent of consumers will make their decision off of more than one restaurant when looking online, so it’s essential for you to capture their attention quickly.

I want a great mobile site. What now?

How can you make sure your restaurant is set up for success on mobile? Your first step is to ensure that your website is mobile-optimized. Google now factors in whether or not your website is mobile-friendly in their search ranking process. To help check if your website will meet their search engine requirements, use their mobile-friendly website test.

Once you’ve confirmed that your restaurant will show up in search rankings, turn your focus to your website content. What are consumers looking for? You can sum this up with the classic five Ws:

  • Who (your restaurant name)
  • What (your menu & reservations)
  • When (hours of operation)
  • Where (business address and directions)
  • Why (any specials – ex. happy hour, Restaurant Week, seasonal offers)

Bonus if you can include your business’ mobile app and social media channels on your website, giving your restaurant multiple ways to stay top of mind with consumers and build a relationship and rapport. As more and more consumers are using their smartphones to keep up-to-date with everything from news, to pop culture, to their favorite brands, restaurants and businesses, now is the time to capture their loyalty on mobile and start a dialogue. An app can complement your mobile site, delivering push notifications and loyalty incentives. Interesting posts and photos on your social media are great ways to engage with your customers and share stories about your business.

Let’s master mobile!

With the majority of diners booking their reservations via mobile device, it’s never been more important to let your online presence shine.

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