Have you heard of Google PageRank and wondered what in the heck it is and why it even matters for your business? Pagerank is a score from 0 – 10 that tells you how your website stacks up against others. As with most scores, the higher the better!

How is it calculated?

Google uses a pretty complicated algorithm that looks at stuff like how long your site has been active, how much traffic you get and how many other sites link to yours.

Ready to find out how your site ranks? We have an easy tool to help you find out where your biz stands, just type in your URL (website address) and we’ll do the rest!

google pagerank checker

How do I get a better score?

Some factors, like how long your site has been active, you can’t change, so focus on creating great content and engaging with people on social media- this can get you some high-quality links.

We’ve also got some great tips to help improve your Google PageRank score in this Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

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