We all know email marketing is one of the greatest ways to get the word out about your business. But to take advantage of this marketing powerhouse you gotta have a mailing list. There aretons of ways to grow your list, but one of the best is with a dedicated email subscription page.

If signing up for your email list is anything but easy, you may be turning potential subscribers away before they can even engage with your business – the last thing you want to do. Senior Staff Writer for Copyblogger, Beth Hayden writes, “With a dedicated subscribe page, you can send the person a link to the page, and you’re done. No dancing around, no weird descriptions, no awkwardness.”

Hayden further explains, “When you used a dedicated subscribe page, you’ve also got a lot more space to explain all the great benefits people will get when they join your list. Take your time, add a couple of compelling bullet-points, and break out your best copywriting skills.”

Here’s an example of the subscribe page we use at Skadeedle – we keep it short and sweet, but let potential subscribers know what value they get for giving us their email address. This sets expectations for both sides and let’s us deliver what our subscribers want. We also share how many current subscribers we have, and give folks other ways they can connect with Skadeedle via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Dedicated email subscription pages are a great way to get more people engaged with your business and grow your email list. To get more email marketing list building ideas, grab the 50 Sure Fire Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List guide here.

What tactics do you use to get more subscribers to your email list? Share in the comments.

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