A VR friend (and power user) Tricia Reilly of Bluebird Marketing recently posted a blog post “Measure the true impact of your campaigns.” She explains how using Custom Report Type to create a report containing Contacts/Leads with Campaigns and Opportunity. This is a great way for marketers to identify members of a Campaign that are associated with an Opportunity. Better yet, if they eventually become a “won opportunity.”

Now, this got me thinking… how can we create our own Custom Report with VR Email History to gauge the effectiveness of email campaigns? VR Email History already tracks openers and clickers but now we want to take a step further and find out who opened and/or clicked a VR email and converted from a Lead to a Contact, then a Contact to an Opp and …well you get the idea.

Easy enough, here’s how to get started and track VR Email History through Lead Conversion:

  • Go to your Reports tab and find the “VR Email History Leads” reports. Click on “Leads: Full VR Email History” report.
  • Let’s change the criteria for the report by clicking on the Customize button.
  • You should find yourself in “Step: 2 Select the information to summarize”. If you would like to change the fields shown on the Report, go ahead and click on Next. However, if you don’t need to change the fields to display, use the “Jump to Step” dropdown and pick “Select Criteria”.
  • Under Standard Filters area, you do not need to change any of the selected items on the dropdown menus. However, if you want your report to be targeted on specific mail dates, enter a Start Date and an End Date.
  • Next you’ll need to enter the following criteria under Advance Filters.

Row 1: Opened Equals True
Row 2: Lead: Converted Equals True
Row 3: Clicked Equals True
Row 4: Lead: Converted Equals True

  • Click on Advance Options and enter the following (1 AND 2) OR (3
    AND 4). What this means is that your report will consist of Leads who
    “Opened and Converted” OR who “Clicked and Converted”.
  • Click on Run Report

You should now have a report containing openers/clickers of a VR email
who eventually converted to a Contact. You may want to save this custom
report. So, go ahead and click on the Save As button, and the report
will be saved without overwriting the original “Leads: Full VR Email
History” report you started with. Last, don’t forget to add the
description so you understand how to interpret the data in the future.

Got any other ideas on measuring the impact of your email campaigns? Share ’em by posting it here.

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