If you’ve got people signing up with your opt-in form on your site, you might be able to make a bit of cash during your sign up process. How? If you know another business that would pay you each time someone signed up for your list and indicated an interest in receiving emails from them as well, you might have a match made in heaven.

Here’s how I would do it in 5 easy steps:

Agree on how many dollars they’d be willing to pay you for an email address. It could be as little as 50¢ and as much as a few bucks, it’s up to the deal you cut.

1. Set up an opt-in form where you’ll collect email addresses and other information and link to it from your site (at VerticalResponse you have one already waiting for you in your account and it’s free.)
2. Set up a page you host on your site with a thank you message, then direct anyone who completes your opt-in form to this page. On this page you’ll also have your partner’s message detailing why they’d want to sign up for your partner’s emails.
3. Set up another opt-in form (or a few depending on how many partners will be willing to pay you) and host them next to their respective messages on the thank you page.
4. Customize your confirmation email with your partner’s messaging: “When you signed up for [Your Company Name] email list, you indicated you were interested in receiving emails from one or more of the following [Your Company Name] Partners. Please confirm your email address below:
5. Then once per week, download your list, and send the email addresses of the recipients who confirmed their email addresses and indicated they were interested in your partner’s offers to them along with an invoice for the agreed upon amount. Careful here, you’ll want to avoid sending them emails of those that haven’t yet confirmed.


Your partner should send them an email right away welcoming them to their list, reminding them that they are receiving emails from them because they indicated interest when they signed up for your list.

Let us know how it goes!

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