Here in the VerticalResponse office we have lots of things with our logo on them — cups, banners, heaps of awards, tote bags, and of course T-shirts. We even designed a shirt for dogs. Turns out, our furry friends love wearing a purple tee with a big V on the back. It’s possible though, that not everyone is as enamored with our logo as we are, so we’ve made it easy to remove the logo from the footer of the emails you send through our system.

Here’s how to remove the logo from your VerticalResponse emails:

  • Go to Profile in the top right corner of your account
  • Select My Contact Info
  • At the bottom of the page click the box to turn off the logo
  • Click Save at the top of the page

It’s that easy. When you choose to remove the logo, the action will be applied to any future emails you create; any that you’ve already sent out or are in draft will still contain the logo. If you’ve set up an autoresponder email and you choose to remove the logo, we’ll remove it on the next email sent from the system. No need to create a new email or pause your autoresponder.

This option is only available for paid accounts.  If you are still on a free trial, and want to remove the logo, simply upgrade your account.

The choice is now yours to display our logo in the footer of your email, or not. We kind of hope you like it as much as we do, but we won’t take it personally if you chose to remove it.

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