Vlogging, the posting of video blog content, is a powerful way of communicating with an audience. The prevalence of video cameras on all our technology and high speed internet connections in most homes and businesses has made vlogging much more accessible than it was even a few years ago. Customer Experience Consultant Anne Reuss recently wrote a blog expressing some great tips for how to start vlogging today.

Reuss explains her first vlogging experience, “Regardless of our confidence level (I’m far from bashful) the first time feels….raw. I was exposing myself beyond words and still images. It really can be daunting the first time and that’s OK.”

To help get a good start to your vlog, Reuss suggests:

1. Don’t Plan Too Much

Avoid the trap of over thinking. While it is important to have a plan and keep the video short, you don’t need to plan out every single word. Writes Reuss, “It’s not like writing where we can delete and replace it in a flash. But as long as you absolutely know what topic you’re talking about, the few main points and you’re excited about it, you will find a flow. If you have an abrupt idea, take advantage of it, and just do it. Wherever you are! Spontaneity is a good ingredient for video.”

2. Keep Your Lens Clear and Use Good Lighting

Make sure that your lens is clean. Many people use iPhone cameras, or the camera on their laptop to record a vlog. If you do, make sure you wipe any dust or pocket lint off the lens before shooting. Good lighting is important, so if your home or office isn’t set up for it, shoot during the daylight to get the best lighting possible.

3. Keep it Short

Reuss keeps all her videos under two minutes, but says even shorter can be better. You don’t have to look any further than Vine to understand that quick is popular right now.

4. Don’t Fear the Critics

Reuss writes, “After all, if you DO get a little hatin’ – it’s because you did something right. There are going to be many supporters…don’t quit after the first few tries! It gets exciting figuring out what I’m going to reveal to my viewers every time. Different facial expression? Hairstyle? Attitude? It’s raw. Real.” The connection you make with real people, customers and supporters from using video is far more valuable than the possibility of any negative comments.

Vlogging is a popular medium that is just starting to come into its prime. If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your social media or email marketing efforts, vlogging just might be the right choice.

What things are holding you back from starting a vlog today or using more videos in your current blog or website?

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