Think about the last time you typed a phrase into Google. How many results came up? Probably millions, along with a few ads. This is what happens when searchers are looking for the products and services your business provides. There is so much in front of them, how will they know which one to click?

Google defines Ad Extensions as “a type of ad format to show extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business.” Google Ad Extensions give searchers more reasons to click on your ad, making them more effective, improving visibility and taking up more prime real estate on the search results page. Additionally, the more information you give, the better your click-through rates (CTR) and lower your price-per-click (PPC) costs will be.

With so many types of ad extensions, it can be difficult to know which is right for your business. And in order for your ad extensions to appear, you must show up in the top three search results on the page, though ad extensions don’t involve any extra fees. They’re treated the same as receiving a click on your regular ad. Here’s a breakdown of the various ad extension types:

Click-to-call extensions

These ad extensions give searchers the option of calling your business directly. This is especially relevant for mobile searchers. Click to call extensions are good if your business requires or allows for calls to your location. For example, if you’re a restaurant that delivers, this ad extension could prompt people to call and place an order.

Location extensions

Are you a local business looking for more traffic in your brick and mortar stores? Location extensions can help. Google’s research shows that “local searchers are ready to act. Many visit a nearby location within a day and complete purchases at a higher rate than consumers who conduct non-local searches.” For example, florists, cleaners or boutiques can show up in certain geographic locations and offer an address, phone number and link to Google maps. If searchers have to look up your location separately, it might deter them from choosing your business.

App extensions

Do you want the people who search for you to download your app? An app extension shows a link below your ad text that either sends people to the app store or downloads your app automatically.

Review extensions

Review extensions allow you to showcase positive reviews or rewards in your search ad. This symbol and proof of excellence may serve as the deciding factor for a customer choosing between your business and another.

Sitelink and callout extensions

Share the information you think customers will be interested in with a sitelink or callout extension. As a retail store, sitelink extensions allow you to highlight sales, promotions or popular items, or even showcase your blog or a store locator.

Callout extensions work in a similar way to “call-out” information that might influence a buyer, like “free shipping” or “money-back guarantee.”

Automated Extensions

Consumer ratings and previous visits are two automated extensions available for your ad. Consumer ratings show off what customers appreciate about your business through high-quality survey data. Learn more about consumer ratings here. Previous visits show a searcher if they’ve clicked through to your website from Google Search before. See how previous visits work here.

Local businesses and online retailers face the reality of fierce competition every day in online search results. But leveraging the power of ad extensions can help you become more accessible to potential customers. Check out Google’s support page to get the latest information on ad extensions.

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