Every Wednesday VerticalResponse hosts free webinars to help you learn more about email marketing, leverage social media for your business, learn how to write a killer subject line, create an amazing event and so much more. The webinars are recorded and posted on our help site so a wider audience can benefit from the information. I thought I’d share our top 5 most viewed recorded webinars in hopes that you too, can learn something new.


Wow! I Didn’t Know I Could Do That in VR – This webinar takes you through some of the hidden gems in your VR account. Learn about using our ROI calculator, list segmentation and lots more.

2012 Delivery Changes – This webinar covered some changes ISPs have made over the last few months that could impact email delivery, plus some great email tips from our Delivery Director, Kiersti. This topic is pretty important to a lot of our customers so it’s no surprise there were over 1,500 views in one day when we featured it in our VR Buzz newsletter.

Learn to Build Your Email List – Probably the most asked question here at VR is “how do I grow my mailing list?” This webinar takes you through lots of ideas to get you started growing a successful, engaged mailing list.

Get Started with Surveys – This webinar takes you through why to use surveys, how to get started, tips to keep in mind and lots of real life examples.

How To Create a Successful Email – Perennially popular, we do this webinar live every month, plus its one of the most watched recorded webinars. And with good reason! This webinar takes you through the ins and outs of good email marketing, tips, content ideas and of course, lots of relevant examples.

And finally, I thought I’d share a couple of my favorites that didn’t make it into the top 5.

Go Local! – Location-Based Marketing for Your Business – Our Social Media Manager,  Ellery has some great insight into Location based marketing. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retail business or a national brand, geo-location tools can help you build buzz and drum up new business.

Testing Your Email and Lists For Success – The VerticalResponse segment tool is a powerful tool that allows you to create more targeted lists, run exclusions, and set up split tests using any data in your account. Once you have learned how this powerful tool works, learn how to put it to the test! This webinar takes you through things to test in your emails, plus real life email tests and the results.

Don’t forget to check out the schedule for the upcoming webinars. They’re always free and include Q&A at the end of the webinar, so bring your questions for our experts!What is your favorite live or recorded webinar? Or, let us know what topics you would love to see in the webinars!

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