At the end of 2015, we launched The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Giveaway as part of our Everything Holiday resource center. The contest allowed one lucky small business to receive $2,016 of professional marketing products and services.

We are excited to announce our Grand Prize Winner – drumroll, please – Will’s Hope Charity!

About the Grand Prize Winner:

Founded in 2015, Will’s Hope Charity is a non-profit organization focused on serving the needs of medically fragile children and their families.

In 2009, Abby and Edward Olsen welcomed their fourth child, William Christian Olsen, into the world. Will was born with multiple congenital heart conditions, a lung disease and Down Syndrome. In his first year and a half, Will was admitted to the NICU more than ten times, and required a ventilator, feeding tube and various other medical equipment to live. After being discharged from the NICU, Will’s parents struggled with caring for him, even with the support of a local children’s group care home. Stress from gaps in the system made caring for Will difficult financially, emotionally and practically. Eventually, Will was moved to The Bogden House, a local group home for medically fragile children. At The Bogden House, Abby was given support and training to care for her son alongside the professional staff. Will passed away shortly after his second birthday, but his legacy has lived on. Inspired by his strength and struggle, and the level of care provided by The Bogden House, Will’s Hope Charity was launched.

Based in Phoenix, Ariz., Will’s Hope Charity believes that every medically fragile child and their family deserves support and proper care. Currently, Will’s Hope Charity works with four local group homes for medically fragile children in the Phoenix area, with goals of supporting families in need across the state and eventually the nation.

About the Grand Prize Package:

As winner of The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Giveaway, Will’s Hope Charity is receiving $2,016 worth of Deluxe professional marketing products and services. The package includes:

  • Custom Logo Design – The professional designers at Deluxe will be refreshing Will’s Hope Charity’s logo to help define their brand identity.
  • Style Guide – To complement the updated logo, Will’s Hope Charity will receive a brand style guide that outlines everything from how to use the logo, to brand color palette, fonts and more. All to help maintain and support Will’s Hope Charity’s message.
  • Facebook Design – A custom designed Facebook page for Will’s Hope Charity (including a consistent brand look), targeted to attract new clients and build relationships with existing ones.
  • Responsive Website & SEO – Deluxe’s web designers are creating a mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website for Will’s Hope Charity so visitors can quickly find what they need.
  • Local Sync – Will’s Hope Charity will be listed across 50+ local directories that include their organization name, phone number, address, map, website, and other details that will help families of medically fragile children, donors and volunteers easily connect with the business.
  • Deluxe Marketing Suite Account – Will’s Hope Charity will have access to a Deluxe Marketing Suite Account to help manage all the marketing for the organization.
  • Email Marketing – As part of the Deluxe Marketing Suite Account, Will’s Hope Charity will receive a VerticalResponse email marketing account, contact list management, assistance with an email campaign, and ongoing reporting.
  • It doesn’t stop there! Will’s Hope Charity also receives a premium Google domain, printed business cards, letterhead and envelopes, a roll-up banner, and other branded merchandise.

Will’s Hope Website Redesign:

We are currently in the process of working with the Executive Director of Will’s Hope Charity, Greg Suender, on their website redesign. But “what goes into a website redesign?” you may ask.

The first step in any redesign (or first design) process is for the business and our talented team of professional web designers to identify the top priorities for the website. Do you want to drive more visitors? Share a story? Drive sales? Encourage signups? In the case of Will’s Hope Charity, there are three main goals:

  • Awareness – Communicate the issues that face many families of medically fragile children, as well as how Will’s Hope Charity is providing a solution.
  • Sign-Ups – In order to share their story, Will’s Hope Charity needs to build their database of families in need, volunteers to help support the organization and donors.
  • Donations – A non-profit, Will’s Hope Charity relies on the support of generous donors to help fund their work.

In addition to these goals, we wanted to make sure that Will’s Hope Charity’s website was easy to navigate and provides all the information necessary for someone visiting for the first time. Together with Greg, our team reviewed the current website format, and decided on a simple, and clean site structure, including:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Blog – Space to share stories from families
  • Information & Events
  • Contact Info
  • Donation Page

Next Steps:

Together with Greg, our team will work through any feedback and revisions to the redesign.

There’s still more to come! We’ll be documenting the rest of Will’s Hope’s journey through their prize package. Check back to see the final website redesign and follow their marketing updates!

For more about Will’s Hope Charity, please visit

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Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published on April 1st, 2016 at Deluxe.

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