Do you want to spend less on marketing while generating three times the leads? Content marketing costs 62% less than other marketing strategies. With its lower cost and elevated lead generation, it’s worth the investment.

Discover more about the benefits of marketing with content. And learn about its relationship converting leads to sales for your business.

How Content Marketing Boosts Conversion Rates

The before mentioned content marketing results of three times more leads do not happen magically. They require key features that mark content as quality. Following the marketing funnel, you can see which features are hallmarks of high-conversion content.

  • Awareness (top-funnel): ease audience awareness via blog, social media, and infographics
  • Evaluation (mid-funnel): promote brand evaluation via whitepapers, webinars, and email drip campaigns
  • Deals (bottom-funnel): help close deals via demos, testimonials, and case studies

Each level of the marketing funnel serves a different purpose. Each level creates new opportunities for high-value content. The ultimate goal of any content strategy follows customers along their journey—from attraction to conversion to close.

Combine Content Marketing With Email Marketing for More Leads

Of the content marketing strategies available, the most successful work with other strategies. Email marketing relies on every kind of content. This means a chance to repurpose previously created content in email campaigns.

Repurposing old content is a cost-effective, time-saving measure. Instead of creating new campaigns, you can integrate email and content marketing. Inserting old content means access to custom campaign templates.

Whether you’re creating surveys, newsletters, or drip campaigns, you need a platform that works with any apps you already use. It also means the need for simple tools.

Finding the right email platform is important for simple integration and automation. Your drip campaigns can even be automated for better mid-funnel facilitation. Sharing measurable surveys is easier than ever with the right tools.

Content Marketing Examples for Better Leads and Conversion

Creating valuable content comes in a variety of formats. Email marketing is only one extension of high-conversion content. Even with its high ROI, you still need to explore valuable content formats.

The content marketing examples below create high conversion rates. These are formats you can use alone or with other digital marketing campaigns.


Forms are great tools on landing pages. These can be contact forms or email subscription forms. A form’s role as an overt, finally call to action lends it significant impact.

There are proper ways to use and make forms. And there are incorrect ways to miss its conversion-boosting potential. Pay attention to these key features to ensure your lead forms support your growth:

  • Fields: keep these simple and focused on the form’s goal (e.g., subscription, free resource, contact)
  • Placement: when a form appears above a landing page fold, as a popup, and across viewports and devices
  • Errors: device or operating system issues that prevent users from completing forms

Paying attention to these features can boost your interactions and conversions. Forms are often a critical tool for growing subscriber lists. They also play a critical role in retargeting users from landing pages to other content.

Email Series

Although email marketing is not the only type of content marketing, its high ROI makes it noteworthy. When drafting any type of email, you need a strong understanding of your target audience. Emails can fill content gaps on your site and expand current offerings.

Consider these content marketing examples as potential repurposing opportunities. These examples work especially well for email series campaigns:

  • Course from ebook/blog: long-form content can slowly pull subscribers back to your website, building traffic and conversions
  • Case study: email campaigns generate valuable; use this to develop important conclusions about your current clientele
  • Infographic: previous graphics, stats, and text-heavy content can be revitalized as an infographic insert in emails
  • Roundups from past blogs: use past posts to create new campaigns for email; it’s time-saving and cost-effective

These ideas are only a few samples to try for content marketing. They work best if you already have content to repurpose. If not, get to making some!

Video, Images, or Graphics

As content goes, video and images are the way to go. Users stream more videos than ever before, which leaves it a ripe example to use. Video content does not have to be a series on a streaming platform.

Your content marketing strategy should already include branded images and graphics. Expand on these with visually engaging content like videos. You can embed videos in your email campaigns to enrich your creative assets.

Videos do not have to leave your current offering. In fact, if filling a gap in your content offering, you can make video content a premium feature. Encourage your audience to sign up for special content to boost your conversion rates.

Blogs, Newsletters, Whitepapers, Ebooks

Easily the most common form of content marketing, blogs come in all shapes and sizes. As mentioned above, their multipurpose nature lends them to easy recycling. They also serve as a great baseline for longer-form content.

Even with long-form blogs, people need information to trust a brand. You can expand your current knowledge base by adapting blogs into newsletters, whitepapers, or ebooks. These valuable resources boost your expertise and incentivize new relationships as freemium offering material.

Get the Content Marketing Results You Want With Vertical Response

With your new understanding of content marketing’s stellar ROI, you can integrate this strategy into your current email campaigns. Whether you redirect or repurpose content, you need custom template solutions. Fortunately, Vertical Response’s email service offers this and more.

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