Non-profits, you have it tough when it comes to running your business. You’re always short on cash and people to do the work you need to do. That’s why we give non-profit organizations 10,000 free emails per month to do what you can for your cause.

We get questions all the time from our non-profit customers about how to use social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Well we’ve put together some ideas for your non-profit that you can put to work today.

Call for Volunteers – If you’ve got people following you on Twitter and Facebook, enlist them as volunteers for your charity. Then use social media when you need them the most. I found a great article on recruiting and communicating to volunteers using Twitter and Facebook.

Call for Donations – Social media is a great way to get donations. I started a group on Facebook for The League to Save Lake Tahoe, and before I knew it it had 4000 members. Susan G. Komen Foundation asks for donations on Facebook by texting to a specific number. Here is a great blog post: Facebook Best Practices for Non Profit Organizations.

Success Story – If you’ve got a success story where your charity reached a certain milestone, or helped someone in need, post it to your social media outlets. Tell the world (then ask for more)!

Call for Political Action – Social media is instant, so if you’ve got something you need action on right away, use it! Get as many followers as you can. Check out how LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman went to Captitol Hill on healthcare reform with 70,000 signatures they got from Twitter. LIVESTRONG was the leading source of traffic.

Your Email Marketing Newsletter – Chances are you’re sending at least one monthly email marketing newsletter. So make sure you share it with your Twitter and Facebook followers. Post the link to your hosted email to all of your social media outlets.

Got any great ideas you’ve been doing for your non-profit? Share them!

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