We offer opt-in forms to help your company collect email addresses for your email marketing and newsletter campaigns. When you placed the old form on your site, we would automatically include a web link back to VerticalResponse with what’s called a ‘followed link.’ A followed link is essentially a vote of popularity from your site to VerticalResponse. We realized you should have a choice whether or not you want this link included. We apologize, and decided to make all new opt-in forms have a “no follow” link by default, which means your site doesn’t automatically “vote” for VerticalResponse. Here’s more info about “no follow” links.

Here’s the difference between the two opt-in forms. They won’t look much different because the biggest change is in the code, behind the scenes.

Old Opt-in Form           New Opt-in Form









If you want to remove the follow link, please copy and paste the new code into your site wherever the “old” opt-in form exists. The code has been updated in your VerticalResponse account and you’ll need to create a new opt-in form to take advantage of this change. Below is a snippet of both the old and new code for reference and clarity, but please don’t use this in your website, it’s only a small piece of the code needed.

NOTE: Whether you decide to change the opt-in code or not, your ability to collect visitor information will not be affected in any way! 

Old Code:

<span style=”color: #333333″><a href=”https://www.verticalresponse.com” title=”Email Marketing by VerticalResponse”>Email Marketing</a> by VerticalResponse</span>

New Code:

<a title=”Email &amp; Social Media Marketing by VerticalResponse” href=”https://www.verticalresponse.com” rel=”nofollow”>VerticalResponse</a>

If you have questions about the opt in form (new or old) or why we made the change please feel free to reach out in the comments.

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