Ever wonder what people really think of your company, product or service?  Do they recommend your products to friends? Retweet your latest offer?

Find out in just seconds with VerticalResponse Social’s new Social Search tool! With Social Search, you can “listen in” on social conversations that are happening. Here’s how:

In your VerticalResponse Social account, click on “Social Search” then choose the terms you want to search for. You can use your company name, a competitor’s name, or a general topic. We’ll show you the posts that match your search.

Now that you know what’s being said by whom, you can join the conversation! Retweet interesting snippets or follow someone on Twitter, right from your VR account. Find out who loves your company and reward them, or discover someone who may have had a negative experience, and you can fix it. Engage with potential new customers, or target existing ones with special offers to pass along to their friends.

Let’s say you sell custom-printed T-shirts. By searching for #orangeoctober and “world series” in the Social Search tool, you’ll find a lot of people who are San Francisco Giants fans. Give them a special offer on a World Series Champion t-shirt. They can share your offer with their friends and on social networks.

We know, it sounds like a great idea, but who has the time? With VR Social, YOU do! All the information and links you need are right at your fingertips, making social media not only more effective, but super quick too.

Give it a go and be part of the social conversation.

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