Drum roll please… the second part of our survey to 831 small businesses is here! We released the results on 2010 marketing spend for areas such as email marketing, social media, online banner ads and search engine marketing. You may be interested to check out the results and see how your business compares to what others are doing.

Key findings from this survey include:

  • Well over two-thirds of respondents plan to increase their use of email marketing and social media in 2010.
  • Email marketing continues to prove its worth to small businesses, as 96.2% plan to use email marketing in 2010.
  • Small businesses are getting more comfortable with social media. When reporting marketing plans for 2010, 35.1% of all respondents say they plan to increase their use of social media by a little and 33.3 % plan to increase it by a lot.
  • Over half—or 54.2 percent—of all respondents stated they won’t do online banner advertising in 2010, and 23.8% of respondents won’t do search engine marketing such as Google, Yahoo and Bing next year.
  • Not surprisingly 79.6% are not planning to use TV, and 72.7% of small businesses will not use radio advertising.

Check out the full survey and see how your business matches up!

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