Have your social media efforts been bitten by social media fatigue? Are your posts lifeless, sleepy and (no, don’t say it!) non-engaging? Then it’s time to shake things up! Grab a cup of joe, get ready to pump things up and breathe new life into your social media efforts. Here are 5 ways to snap outta social media snoozeville:

1. Mix things up with a new social network.

Have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn been your go-to social media networks over the last several months? It may be time to interject some new networks into your social media marketing efforts. Not only is it fun to explore new territory, you’re also exposing your business to a whole new audience. PinterestInstagramVine and/or Google+ might just be what the doctor ordered.

2. Share new content.

Does the content you share on social seem like the same blog/Facebook post/tweet, different day? It’s time to change the type of content you’re sharing. Produce a video, interview a customer and write up a testimonial, host a Google+ Hangout, conduct a webinar, write a poll and ask questions, hold a contest, create your own infographic, write a guide, produce a how-to, post your email newsletter, share interesting content from other people (while giving appropriate source credit, of course), post a song, create a Vine clip, share an animated GIF, instead. Don’t be afraid to bring some humor into your posts. Share a cartoon, funny GIF, or your favorite meme.

3.  Make ch-ch-changes.

People need spontaneity and variety in their lives, including social media. If you always post to your social channels between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, try posting on different days and times to see if your engagement increases. Post to Twitter and Facebook at night or on the weekend. Preschedule your posts so you don’t have to be awake 24/7 to post efficiently and effectively.

4. Get into pictures.

As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, posting pictures on your social channels can give you some serious engagement! According to Buddy MediaPhoto posts receive 39% higher interaction rates than average. What drives the least amount of likes? Posts with links and videos. It’s time to get snapping!

5. Take a breather.

Know that it’s okay to take a breather from your social media marketing efforts every once in a while. We often worry if we take a day off, we’ll be forgotten; This just isn’t true. A day of rest can get actually get those creative juices flowing once again.. Don’t worry, social media will still be there when you get back.

Have any re-engergizing tips of your own? We’d love to hear ’em!

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