I love the concept of Meetups, which are localized gatherings of people engaging around common interests. You may have even read my recent blog post about organizing a Meetup of your own. And if you’re in San Francisco tonight, I’d love for you to join the VerticalResponse team for our first Meetup, Email Marketing Gets Social.

Taking the concept of Meetups to an international level is Social Media Day. It’s a series of gatherings happening tomorrow, June 30, 2011, for social media enthusiasts around the globe. Created in 2010 by social media and technology blog, Mashable, Social Media Day is a way to recognize and celebrate the huge impact that social media has had on all our lives. 2011 has shaped up to be a great year for Social Media Day, with over 1,300 Meetups planned worldwide. The state of Arizona and our neighboring city San Carlos, California, have even gone as far as designating June 30th as Social Media Day in their municipalities.

So, how will you celebrate Social Media Day 2011? Here are some easy ways to get involved:

We’ll be celebrating here in San Francisco. I hope you can join us wherever in the world you might be!

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