Got a great business idea but not sure what to do next? Want to shore up the foundation of a business that you’ve recently launched? Have an unincorporated business that you want to formalize? Learn how to turn your idea, or your startup, into a thriving business with Startup Fundamentals.

Entrepreneurship is rewarding, but it takes a lot of determination, planning and business knowledge to reach your dream. That’s why we packed this free eBook with expert advice, actionable tips, and real-life business stories you can identify with and learn from.

In addition to showing how to differentiate your products or services from competitors, how to create a strong business plan and how to launch your company the smart way, you’ll learn everything you need to know about incorporating your business. There are real financial and operational risks associated with not forming an LLC or other business entity. We’ll show you how to avoid those risks, whether you’re already open for business, trying to turn your side hustle into your day job or taking the very first steps toward establishing your startup.

Go from great idea to growing business

  • Ditch the guesswork and find out whether your big idea has legs
  • Lay the groundwork with market research and a business plan
  • Hit the ground running with funding
  • Find out which business entity is right for you
  • Get best practices and insider tips from entrepreneurs who’ve been there

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