We love customer feedback! Many of you have been using VerticalResponse Social for a while now, and have given us some great suggestions. Our engineers jumped on the advice and made some awesome enhancements to our Coupon tool, and a added a sweet feature to our Clipper tool:

  • More engagement = more business! Your Facebook likers can comment on your coupon and share it with their friends. The comment will be posted to their wall, so their friends will see it too! Hello, viral effect. Plus, your coupon tab will now have a coupon graphic instead of the VerticalResponse logo to encourage more clicking.
  • Do you have a retail store with a barcode scanner? You can now insert the code into your coupon, and voila! The scannable barcode will appear.
  • Don’t want to have a ‘How to Redeem’ or an ‘About this Business’ section in your coupon? You don’t have to. Create your own boxes, or click the X to remove sections for more layout flexibility. We’ve also changed the dimensions of the optional top banner section to a more designer-friendly 650×100 size.
  • Like to plan ahead? We’ve added a coupon Start Date field in addition to the Expiration Date.
  • Like instant gratification? With our Clipper tool, you can now post clipped web links immediately. So surf the web, clip links you find interesting, and post away. Of course, you can still save them to your content library for later. Get Clipper here.

Get out there and get social!

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