So you’re thinking about buying an email list eh? It seems so easy and tantalizing.

“ I can buy a list of 100,000 customers to get my product or service right into their inbox? SIGN ME UP!”

Well, unfortunately this is one of those too good to be true situations. Buying an email list will usually lead to nothing but headaches and should be avoided at all costs for the following reason:

Do you really want your first interaction with a potential new customer to be an unsolicited email? Think about your own experience when you open an email and know you didn’t ask to receive it. There are better and more constructive ways to introduce your company to the world then sending out unsolicited emails.

Our advice? Avoid buying an email list because the results might not be what you’re looking for. Instead spend the same amount of time putting together a local promotion, social contest, word-of-mouth marketing campaign or other organic list building efforts. Read the 3 Sins of Using a Purchased Email List to learn more and get our 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List guide for free.

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