I was perusing my inbox and saw a particular email that looked spammy to me. This one in particular was from “accountupdate”. Now, like you, I get a lot of email and I have a lot of “accounts” so I question an email coming from “accountupdate” because it is not a person or business I know. I didn’t have time to read a lot of emails on this day so I skipped it, which I’m sure many people did.

When I had time, later in the day, I went back to my inbox. I looked again at this email and the subject line read “Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)”. So I opened it. The email was actually from my domain registrar Go Daddy wanting me to update my information. I don’t know about you, but anyone asking me to update any information makes me suspicious, but because it’s from “accountupdate” I was even more skeptical. It made me very reluctant to go in and “update my account”.

Bottom line? Make sure that the from label you use on your email marketing campaigns is from your business, you, or whoever it was you used to make your initial e-relationship with your recipient. I bet this campaign didn’t get a great response if they emailed people like me.


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