We’re already a few weeks into 2012 and I don’t know about you, but some of my New Year’s resolutions have already started falling by the wayside (gym membership, what?). One thing I am happy to say I’ve stuck to, is testing a lot of different things in my email communications. This isn’t just because testing is an integral part of my job, but also because I’m a huge data geek (nerd?) and am always looking to learn more about my intended readers’ behavior. So I thought it might be fun to share some of these tests in a series of blog posts throughout the year. Maybe you can take advantage of some of these findings too!

The Tale of the Tape

In this post I’ll be going over a test we ran on the positioning of a call-to-action button (you can call it CTA) for one of our promotional emails. Originally, our emails would look like this (version A):

Then we thought, why don’t we make the CTA the first thing the recipient sees when he/she opens the email, well above the fold? So we drafted up the following (version B):

We made sure to tag the links for the CTA and banner images in both versions with referred-by codes (simply add “/?REFERREDBY=XXX” at the end of your URLs, with REFERREDBY and XXX being something relevant to you, for example in our case we used “/?image=CTA” and “/?image=banner”) in order to differentiate them in VerticalResponse‘s reporting tool. We set up both versions with identical offers and messaging, with a separate mailing list each, and off the emails went.

And the Winner is…

Results were rather surprising: version B’s CTA button garnered about the same amount of clicks as version A’s, but its clickthrough rate (unique number of clicks divided by total number of opens) overall was superior by 12% while bringing in over 33% more revenue. Version B by decision victory!

Surprised by these results? What kind of tests would you be interested in reading about moving forward?

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