With the increased number of emails hitting everyone’s inboxes during the holidays, having a subject line that gets readers to open your email is more important than ever. To help make your emails stand out in busy inboxes and get acted upon, consider testing the inclusion of one or more of these top-performing words for your next holiday email.

2015 Update: The results are in – and they’re trending consistent. For the second year in a row, our research shows that these Top 20 words are expected to dominate the  holiday marketing email campaigns you see in 2015 (in no particular order!).

So which word/phrase combo should you anticipate on seeing the most this holiday season? ‘Free Shipping’, which is one of the most overused subject line phrases year-round. Remember, you can still use in a subject line or two, but be sure that the other words surrounding it are equally dazzling to up your chances of getting noticed.

For more holiday email marketing tips and resources, visit our Everything Holiday site and grab our Complete Guide to Holiday Email Marketing. You can use VerticalResponse for free to send all your holiday emails today.

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