Quickly and easily turn leads into customers when you pair your Salesforce and VerticalResponse accounts. By integrating these two powerful apps, you’ll get effortless two-way data syncing and reporting you can take immediate action on — all with a painless setup that only takes minutes. Here’s why integrating Salesforce with VerticalResponse is a smart business decision:

Salesforce enhances your email marketing

It’s easy to see the benefits of combining Salesforce with your email marketing program.

Save time

Free, unlimited two-way syncing between Salesforce and VerticalResponse means that a contact update in one platform automatically flows to the other. No need to update contacts in both places. Set the sync process to happen as often as you want, when you want it.

Actionable insights

Salesforce’s powerful segmentation tools and customer intelligence let you see who’s engaging with your messages. Use those insights to better target your campaigns so they resonate with the customers most likely to act on them.

Painless setup

All it takes to connect Salesforce with VerticalResponse is three simple steps. Then you’re ready to start leveraging the power of Salesforce.

How Salesforce works with VerticalResponse

Integrating Salesforce with your VerticalResponse account is easy. Here’s what to do:

  1. Download the VerticalResponse app from the Salesforce app exchange, then sign in with your VerticalResponse account. If you don’t have a VerticalResponse account, you can easily set one up at this stage.
  2. Map your VerticalResponse contact fields and your Salesforce lead fields so the two apps communicate the way you want them to. To start you off, email address, first name and last name fields are automatically mapped for you. If you want, map as many additional fields as are useful to you.
  3. Choose how often you want the two apps to sync. That’s it!

You’ll start getting detailed lead and customer insights right away.

Learn more about using Salesforce with VerticalResponse and see images of it in action here.

Spend less time reaching more customers

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