If you’ve ever tried advertising on Twitter and had less than stellar results, today’s announcement from the company, just might entice you to give it another go. Twitter shared via their blog that, “We’re excited to roll out the newest feature on our ad platform, keyword targeting in timelines, available today in all languages and markets where Twitter Ads are supported.”

Strike While the Iron is Hot 

What makes this so cool and potentially a game changer for advertising on Twitter is that “this new feature enables advertisers to reach users based on the keywords in their recent Tweets and the Tweets with which users recently engaged.” By targeting keywords, advertisers can reach people in the moment, opening up a plethora of opportunities. Say for instance you tweet something like, “Loving ‘San Francisco‘ by @Foxygen”. And by the stroke of luck the band Foxygen happens to have an upcoming show at a local venue, the venue could could run a geotargeted campaign using the keywords of the band with a tweet containing a link to buy tickets. Talk about striking while the iron is hot!

And, have no fear your Twitter feed will be overtaken by ads. Twitter states, “Users won’t see any difference in their use of Twitter — we’re not showing ads more frequently in timelines, and users can still dismiss Promoted Tweets they don’t find relevant. In fact, we believe users’ experiences with ads will improve as a result of this feature as they see more relevant Promoted Tweets.”

Will you try keyword targeting in Twitter?

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