Are you tired of being tripped up by the Google SEO dance? Us too. Nothing’s worse than watching your rankings drop and you’re left without the slightest clue as to why. Well, you’re in luck because Google Webmaster Tools just released a great new update that provides more detailed information about search queries. This information is happily accepted by eager SEO and web masters who have had their keyword data taken away from them in Google Analytics. Here’s the short, but valuable, list of changes/updates within Google Webmaster Tools.

What’s Changed:

More Detailed Impressions Data

Google used to round out data, then display it. For example, you might have had 14,587 impressions, but you’d see 14k. Google’s John Mueller said, “The search queries feature gives insights into the searches that have at least one page from your website shown in the search results. It collects these ‘impressions’ together with the times when users visited your site – the ‘clicks’ – and displays these for the last 90 days.”

Here’s a before and after shot from Google:




Update Notifications:

We also noticed that Google is now showing some of their updates overlaid with traffic data. This makes is easier to if a drop in traffic is a result of an algorithm. Don’t forget that a few months ago, Google added the “Manual Actions” area, so you can tell if you’ve been hit by a penalty.



If you haven’t already, now is the time to get your Google Webmaster Tools account set up! Track all your data, keywords and stay on top of penalties, all in one place.

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