I received an email this week from CB2, a Crate and Barrel brand. It was interesting to me because they used an entire email marketing campaign to compel their recipients to give their products a review. If you give a review you’ll be entered to win $1000 shop card at CB2. I think this is a great use of an email campaign.

I went to their site and I found that they have an area on most of the product pages where you can post a review for each product. The only potentially negative issue is that CB2 seems to have control over these reviews so the reviewers may question if they are “filtering” them. For some reason I doubt that they are, but we just don’t know.

All in all, a great idea of how to use email marketing to get people talking about you.  Hey CB2, get bold! I found you on Yelp, a review site, where you get some pretty good reviews. Next time why not include other ways in your email campaigns for people to review you? At VerticalResponse we asked users to post reviews to Yelp and our Facebook Fan Page as well as Twitter. If there’s a problem, we know it pretty quick and can work to fix it. Transparency is good!

Do you have any experience with using email marketing to get reviews? Chime in!

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