I have talked about creating videos for your business and your website in the past but it’s more important than ever for you to take advantage of video marketing in your business, especially in these tough times. If you’ve got a video clip of one of your customers talking about you, or your product it’s a great way to showcase the video inside your email marketing campaigns and potentially boost response.

Why Embedded Email Still Has Challenges

Embedded email simply put means that when your recipient opens your email, it starts to play. Sounds like a marketing dream come true, doesn’t it? It can play out to be more of a nightmare though since there are many technical issues surrounding embedded video.

First of all, ISPs that you send email through, don’t like to accept video embedded in email. To get around this Anna Yeaman tells us how you can create an animated gif out of your video. However as Mark Brownlow points out it won’t work in Outlook 2007 since it only displays the first frame. Also, there is no audio in an animated gif.

Insert the Image of Your Video

Displaying a video image in your email campaigns can be simple. We’ve heard that when businesses use a graphic of the video clip, then link off to where it’s hosted, whether it’s on YouTube or the business’s website, they’ve increase response to their campaigns.

From a VerticalResponse customer:

“Here’s a stat for you. Using video as part of my last VerticalResponse email campaign QUADRUPLED my click rate. Very powerful and compelling.”
 David Cleary, www.davidcleary.net

You can either take a screenshot of the beginning of the video and insert the image into your email, or you can use the “embed” code that YouTube provides you and insert it into your email, it has the nifty “play” button already there. That’s how I included our video below in this blog post.

At VerticalResponse we’re starting to include our video tutorials in our welcome email campaigns, we’ll post how they’re doing. We use customer testimonials, video tutorials, interviews we’ve had, recorded webinars and employees giving presentations.

Are you using video in your email campaigns? What is your experience?

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