We bought a Soda Stream because you can make fizzy water in minutes, right from the comfort of your own home, and who doesn’t love a little fiz in their H2O? The only thing is, you need to send back the carbonators for refills. It’s a minor pain but we do it.

Last week we got a great email from Soda Stream telling us where we can go locally to swap out our carbonators. What a great idea. They used our zip code and mapped it to where their retailers were because I’m sure they heard from their customers that sending these canisters to swap out for a new one is a big customer pain point.

Do you resell a product or service where you can direct customers to a location? Why not try to segment your recipients by your geographic locations and send them targeted emails directing them to the locations? You might wind up getting more sales than if you had them come direct to your site, depending on what you sell.

Are you sending people to another location using geographical targeting? Tell us how it’s working for you!


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