What if you could engage your leads like never before?

Vertical Response offers the kind of email features necessary to take your marketing to the next level. Combined with Zapier, you can engage leads in a way that increases conversions and seriously boosts your brand.

Want to know more about what Zapier and Vertical Response can do for your own leads? Keep reading to learn the answer!

What Is Vertical Response?

Our guide is going to explain the many benefits of integrating Vertical Response and Zapier, especially when it comes to engaging your leads. Before we go any further, though, it’s important to define what these important apps are.

Vertical Response is designed to transform your email marketing. Towards this end, it offers a number of design and automation features to help you craft beautiful emails and nurture leads across a complex marketing campaign.

This is important in large part because email marketing remains one of your most effective ways of reaching customers. By improving that email marketing, you can create better sales and branding outcomes for your entire company.

What Is Zapier?

Now you know more about what Vertical Response is. That leads to the next obvious question: what is Zapier?

Zapier is an online platform that is designed to better automate your workflow. Specifically, Zapier helps connect different services and apps together in a streamlined way that can save your company both time and money.

Using Zapier is like being able to write a custom program for your own marketing efforts. Once you tweak your settings and get everything “just right,” you can turn simple actions like sending tweets into a trigger for more complex actions that further your marketing campaign.

Think of Vertical Response and Zapier as two great tastes that taste great together. To understand why you should integrate both of them, let’s take a closer look at the features that each platform has to offer you and your company.

Important Vertical Response Features

One of the basic (but still very handy) features of Vertical Response is helping you design a better and more impactful email. With the wide variety of engaging templates, you never have to worry about sending another bland or boring email ever again.

The real strength of Vertical Response, though, comes from the variety of automated features. For example, the ability to automatically send follow-up emails helps you reach 40% more of your audience than you would normally reach. After all, it’s very easy for someone to accidentally miss your initial email.

Vertical Response also lets you create responsive email campaigns that send messages based on key triggers, events, and time periods. This means you aren’t just sending messages into the void. Instead, you are sending them at the exact right time to engage your leads and have maximum impact.

Finally, Vertical Response offers intuitive analytics about what your audience cares about the most. And it helps you design the perfect landing page to direct your most interested leads towards.

Important Zapier Features

By itself, Vertical Response already offers a way to revolutionize your email marketing. But Zapier helps take things a step further thanks to several handy features.

Think of it this way: at any given moment, your business has access to dozens or even hundreds of apps that can help with things like sales, marketing, and analytics. But it takes time to use all of these apps each day, and even more time to get the best possible use out of each one.

With Zapier, you can automate things so that different apps work together. For example, someone might send you an email with an attachment. With Zapier, you can get an instant notification about the email through Slack while Dropbox automatically downloads the attachment.

By the time you get to the computer, the important attached document is waiting for you. And you found out about it right away without having to spend an extra few minutes logging into your email and then logging in to Dropbox.

The Power of Social Media

The smallest businesses and the biggest businesses have one thing in common: they all benefit from marketing via social media. However, there are several different social media platforms to choose from.

If you write a single promotional message, it can take a lot of time to log into different social media platforms to post it. And the different formatting requirements of various social media platforms mean you may waste even more time trying to tweak each message.

By integrating Vertical Force and Zapier, you can seamlessly integrate email marketing and social media marketing campaigns together. And Zapier lets you share messages optimized for each platform across as many social media destinations as you would like!


Why Engaging Leads Is So Important

We have outlined some of the biggest features of both Vertical Response and Zapier. And we have touched on how this integration can engage leads like never before. But do you know why engaging leads in this way is so important to your business?

We’re all familiar with the sales funnel that dictates so much of our marketing and sales strategy. But the truth is that customers cannot move down this funnel or even in the first place if they are not engaged.

Engagement means letting customers know about products, services, and special deals. Engagement leads to important brand awareness. Finally, engagement builds loyalty, transforming average customers into your biggest brand advocates.

Your Next Step

Now you know how Vertical Response and Zapier can engage your leads and why that is so important. But do you know how to get started?

With Vertical Response, things couldn’t be simpler. Simply start your free trial today and you can integrate with Zapier and transform your lead strategy immediately!

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