“VerticalResponse Customers We Admire” is a new series where we highlight a customer and the things they’re doing right with their marketing. Below, we discuss a Mother’s Day email from Lotus Bakeries, including key lessons and take-aways.

When I was a physical education teacher, one of the first things I quickly learned was that if you constantly tell students what not to do (“Don’t talk while I’m talking,” “Don’t be late for class,” “Don’t touch your classmates,” “Don’t swear”) they won’t actually know what to do. Instead, teaching with examples of what to do instead (“Do raise your hand to speak,” “Be on time for class,” “Keep your hands to yourself,” “Use positive language”) is a much more effective method. One of the quickest ways to learn, is when someone leads with positive reinforcement and by example. Many of us know what not to do when it comes to creating our emails. But what’s the recipe for creating a successful email? Below is an example of email done right (and by a VerticalResponse customer too!). Check it out and maybe you’ll pick up a thing or two to complement what you’re already doing with your own rockin’ emails!

Lotus Bakeries has been a VerticalResponse customer since 2010. They’re headquartered in Belgium and have been focusing on authentic specialties from the biscuit and cake world for over 80 years. According to their website, Lotus’ specialties include caramelized biscuits (speculoos), gingerbread, cake specialties, waffles, and pepparkakor biscuits produced in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sweden. The company is founded and owned by Boone family members who have turned a once-small enterprise into a world-renowned business by honoring a tradition of craftsmanship and personal service.

In this aesthetically pleasing, seasonally relevant email below, Lotus’ purpose is clear: to drive recipients to place orders by Mother’s Day. They lead readers down a path to purchase with a few distinct strategies. Lotus offers three value propositions or incentives to address the concerns most individuals consider when placing an order online: price, delivery and quality.


1. Price – Offering free shipping on orders over $50 not only makes people feel like they are getting a deal and saving money, but it also encourages them to place larger orders. Free shipping is always a great incentive to offer, especially on holiday promotions when people are likely to ship gifts/incur unexpected expenses, and are looking to save a few dollars in the process. In addition, placing a purchase threshold to get free shipping is an effective strategy to drive revenue and higher total purchase amounts.

2. Delivery – Giving information about the last day to order to ensure delivery for Mother’s Day implies Lotus is both well aware of the Mother’s Day deadline and cognizant of the importance of meeting the delivery date. They also provide a sense of urgency here by including the date in which the promotion ends, as well as the last day to order in time for delivery on Mother’s Day. Including incentives to order early and calling attention to promotion deadlines encourages recipients to make purchases right away rather than wait, forget to order, or take a competitor’s offer.

3. Quality – Highlighting that orders are made risk-free and with 100% satisfaction guarantee not only calls attention to the quality of Lotus’ products, but also to the reliability of their service. Including the 100% satisfaction guarantee removes the risk and fear (yes fear, no one wants a phone call from an empty-handed mom on Mother’s Day) associated with placing an online order. The statement confirms a confidence in their ability to deliver fresh, quality goods on time. Including customer testimonials as well as satisfaction and money-back guarantees are effective methods for providing evidence and support of your company’s excellent service.

Final Take-Away – Think from your customers’ perspective to acknowledge common concerns or barriers they may face when doing business with your company. Lotus called upon many barriers consumers face when doing online shopping and addressed them in a visually pleasing and timely email to instill a sense of confidence in their ability to deliver affordable, quality goods on time.

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