We’re excited to announce our latest addition to the VerticalResponse Integrations Marketplace: Scratch-it!

Scratch-it is an engaging, reveal-based marketing tool that allows you to create and email “hidden” messages or promotions to your contacts. As your recipient digitally scratches away at the image in your email, your message is revealed. If you’ve ever bought a scratch-off lottery card, the concept is similar.

What the integration does:

Our integration with Scratch-it enables you to do the following:

  • Seamlessly create, test and send these reveal-based emails to your VerticalResponse email lists and contacts, all from within a Scratch-it account.


  • Create and test your Scratch-it email from within your Scratch-it account, then make final edits and send the email via VerticalResponse. Sending a test email from your Scratch-it account will automatically populate an email campaign in your VerticalResponse account, which can then be edited and sent.

Here’s what else you can do with the Scratch-it integration:

  • Send a test email to your own address.
  • Create unique Scratch-it redeem codes.
  • Edit and create custom templates.
  • Build an unlimited number of Scratch-its.
  • Receive a complimentary campaign strategy and onboarding with your very own customer success team.
  • Get an additional 5% discount on a yearly contract as a VerticalResponse customer.

Our own experience using Scratch-it:

So just how engaging (and exciting) are Scratch-it emails? Great question. We have an easy answer, as we’ve been using Scratch-it to create our own customer promotions for the last six months. Here’s how well they did, and our reasoning behind using this unique tool:

We were looking for something that would get the attention of our audience, and stand out in the inbox. We were tired of sending out the same formulaic email campaign of text + image + call to action. We wanted something unique and different. When we saw Scratch-it, we were compelled by the interactive nature and knew it was something we needed to test.

Our very first Scratch-it email campaign blew us away – It received a click through rate 3-5 times higher than our average promotion. According to Scratch-it, our new results were on par:

“The biggest draw for Scratch-it is the raise in engagement that clients see in the form of click through rate and time spent interacting. This number differs greatly by campaign type, industry, and company. That being said each Scratch-it campaign sees a consistent lift in CTR of over 200%. The average CTOR (click to open rate) of a Scratch-it email is 40% and the average time users spend interacting with the Scratch-it itself is 24 seconds,” says Jared Flamm of Scratch-it.

Aside from receiving a higher click through rate, we also received more replies from our customers asking how we created the campaign, and how they could do the same. As a result, we knew we needed to integrate with Scratch-it to help empower our customers. Our partnership was born.

What you can do with Scratch-It:

You can use Scratch-it for a variety of reveal-based marketing ideas including discounts, promotions, loyalty-based gifts, and preference-based offers that can help you segment and better target your audience. Here are a handful of examples below:

Want to try Scratch-it for yourself? Check out our integrations page for more information, and enjoy your increased engagement!

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