I’m super excited to let you in on some great news; VerticalResponse is adding a leading social media marketing platform to our list of powerful tools enabling you to engage with customers instantly; Roost by VerticalResponse.

What’s a Roost?
Roost is a compelling platform that enables small businesses to publish their own content, as well as suggested content to Facebook and Twitter instead of logging in and out of separate social networks. Reporting on clicks for posts is also provided.

What’s in it for You?
Right now you may be publishing hosted versions of your email marketing campaigns to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. But what about when you want to post things that aren’t in your email marketing campaigns? You have to log into each of your networks and do your posts (lame). Then you don’t really know how engaging those posts have been (double lame). Roost to the rescue. Now you’ll be able to log into Roost, connect with your Facebook and Twitter networks (more networks to come) and publish. And for now, it’s free to use, so get on in there and check it out!

What & When Should You Publish To Your Social Networks?
What’s really cool is that you can publish one single post, or you can create a full-on time-saving campaign for the entire week or even the month. And Roost provides feeds of content, so if you’re a travel agent and need some content ideas, just enable the Travel feed and you’ll get content from publishers like Travel and LeisureNew York Times Travel Section, the Lonely Planet Blog and much more. Simply check the content you want to publish and when you want to publish it and voila! it will be automatically published! Cool eh? Roost also makes easy-to-implement suggestions on what to post and when. And since Facebook is displaying content in your feeds that has a higher engagement rate, it’s becoming more important for you to get your followers engaged with you and what you have to say.

What’s Next Janine?
Our work has just begun. We want to make it even easier for you to get new customers and engage with your current ones. So, in the future look for us to integrate all of our features under one roof, or in one interface or one single log-in as the geeks say. In the meantime we’ll add features to Roost that allow you to respond to Facebook and Twitter followers from the interface and we’ll add more social networks like LinkedIn and Google+.

Roost has a great team that I’m excited to work with and as we grow together, we’ll be thinking about even more ways to offer tools you can use to effectively grow your business.

I’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts here.

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