I got an interesting piece of direct mail the other day from a company we used to do business with. It was in a rather large box that had “Perishable” printed on it. Was I curious? You bet. I dug in. It was from a company we used to outsource our HR, payroll and benefits. So granted it was a very expensive idea but we did pay a lot to this company.

At first blush I said “Wow, didn’t they look at their list of companies that left them?” Because we left them a few years ago so I was sort of surprised to even get a mailing from them let alone this big box.

I was shocked at the answer: they actually did look at the companies that left them. It was a “We want you back” campaign and under the top of the box was a “We want you back” CD, a “We want you back” offer note and a letter saying that they’d pretty much do anything to get us back.

When I lifted the hood of this box I saw a “We want you back” coffee mug with a pound of really good coffee. If we weren’t so entrenched with our own in-house systems, I may have even given them a call. They definitely got my attention.

Great targeted mailing. It made me think of the customers that we have lost over the course of many years (I’m sad) and what we could do to get them back or raise their eyebrows. It also could be as simple as a great offer in an email marketing campaign.

Do you have any customers you’d like to get back? Do you have any experience with customer win-back campaigns? Love to hear from you!

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