Plenty of B2B retailers have been relying on the internet to continue their operations, and this reliance is only expected to increase.

Internet technology, especially in the past couple of years, has brought businesses a great number of blessings. Businesses all over the globe can connect through video chats and quick emails with the click of a few buttons.

Speaking of emails, have you heard of B2B email marketing? If not, it’s something you need to get in on because it’ll forever change how your business operates.

We’ll explain more about B2B email marketing in the guide below.

The 411 on B2B Marketing

B2B stands for ‘business-to-business’. B2B marketing is any strategy that’s meant to capture the attention of another business and/or an individual making purchases on behalf of a business.

For example, a staffing agency may employ B2B marketing strategies to gain the attention and support of nearby businesses in need of new employees. They want local businesses to invest in their business model. In return, they aid in recruiting and hiring.

This model is in contrast with typical marketing strategies aimed at the average consumer, a business-to-consumer (B2C) strategy.

What Are B2B Marketing Strategies Focused On?

If you’re interested in creating a B2B email marketing campaign, it’s important to understand your focus. This strategy isn’t as familiar to many businesses due to many marketing initiatives focusing on B2C strategies.

When a small business is engaging with a B2B marketing strategy, they want to improve their company’s efficiency and ROI. They’re not looking for entertainment value like the average consumer is.

Your company needs to create emails that drive sales by persuading another company about why they should use your service. How do you increase productivity? What are your financial incentives?

Highlighting your focus on customer service is also crucial. Other businesses need to know that they’re not only investing in your service but that they’re also investing in your support and knowledge.

Know Who’s Involved

One of the top email marketing tips to remember when utilizing a B2B strategy is: Remember who’s involved.

In a typical B2C setting, only the buyer is involved. A customer in a store doesn’t need to conduct a board meeting to decide whether or not they’d like to buy a new coffee maker for the house.

In a B2B setting, a team of representatives is typically involved. One representative may be doing the scouting and shopping, but their investments must be approved by other management members and financial advisors.

What does this mean for you? It means you’re not only convincing ONE person to invest in your service. You’re convincing a team of professionals to choose your company above the others.

What’s So Great About Email?

Small businesses and large corporations alike should both invest in email marketing campaigns. You may think no one uses email, but that’s not true at all!

In fact, a recent study revealed 54% of small businesses consider email marketing to be their most powerful tool in driving sales. Sure, consistent Instagram posts are good but don’t slack on creating email campaigns if you want to rake in clientele.

Emails are ideal for targeting specific client pools, whereas social media posts and ads are shown to large pools of consumers. You can create email lists for loyal clients, new clients, curious clients, etc.

Plus, tons more information can be shared in an email that’s not able to be shared in a visual ad. Use bullet points and carefully crafted paragraphs to share concise, important information about your company.

Don’t Forget Your CTAs and Incentives

The most crucial piece to any email marketing campaign is a call-to-action (CTA). After presenting your information, consumers must know which next step to take.

A CTA may include a link to view a new service option, set up a consultation call, or read a new blog post. Whatever it may be, make the instructions clear.

Do you want to include an extra push of encouragement in your emails? Create incentives specifically for those subscribed to your email list.

Great incentives include VIP access to exclusive launches, surprise deals on service packages, or a special invite to an in-store event.

Creating a B2B Email Marketing Campaign

This all sounds great, right? But before you start brainstorming email marketing ideas, you need a peek into the next few steps.

Find an ESP

Let’s first work on step 1- finding an email service provider (ESP). An ESP aids in creating, reviewing, and sending out email campaigns. It’ll also keep you organized and give sneak peeks into important analytics, such as who’s opening and engaging with your emails.

Check out different ESPs and their pricing options. Clarify what’s included in each subscription option before making your final decision.

Decide Your Goal

To create the perfect email campaign, you’ll first need to understand your goal. Are you:

  • Wanting to drive sales?
  • Introduce new clients to your inside operations?
  • Advertise a package upgrade?

No matter your goal, keep it in the forefront of your mind while constructing your email.

Create Your Email Lists

You’re almost ready to create your first email, but you can’t forget about creating your email lists.

Your company may decide to send out general announcements every now and then, but to reach your specific goals, you’ll want to organize your contacts. This is where an efficient ESP comes in handy!

Create a contact list for current clients and another one for interested clients. You can even make lists specifically for top-level subscribers or clients nearing the end of their contract.

The In’s and Out’s of B2B Email Marketing

To drive sales and boost ROI, invest in B2B marketing strategies. Other companies aren’t your average consumer, so it’s important to keep the above tips and tricks in mind.

Prepare for your upcoming B2B email marketing campaign by finding a reliable email service provider. Chat with other management team members about your specific goals.

For all of your email and social media marketing needs, you can trust Vertical Response. Check out our email marketing features, and start your free trial today.

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